March 4, 2015

Ah bright clear sky presents a crisp sunrise.  Glad I got there early as it was too bright to capture a good shot on the naked horizon. 

Just write.  That’s the just right path for me.  That’s all.  Whether or not John deLancie is ever impressed or even derisive.  No, no, that’s not right use of this or any other day.  The constant judging.  Step up to higher ground and for heaven’s sake – TAKE OTHERS WITH YOU!  That’s all I need to write.  That’s why I need to write.  Just because I have this gift that was given to me for no other purpose than to give it back to others. 

                Just keep going. Keep right on flowing.  This IS it.  Don’t stop even when there’s nothing there.  Don’t stop to lament the 91 journals of mostly nothing here.  Because what is there is worth all the seeming not good enough.  All the days of our lives we don’t seem to accomplish anything.  The Busy-Ness of life.  WHATEVER.  It just IS for heaven’s sake. Thank you God for Whatever.  Yes yes thank you Spirit for this right here is my JOY.  Whether or not anyone ever  cares to read it, this is what I am here to do, just like this.

                Just write it all down – whatever is here, good/ not-so-good, interesting /not.  Just write simply because this is the work I have accepted.  That’s all.