5:45am sunrise-NOT from the cliffs of Point Dume in Malibu

Thinking about Stephen Hawking seemingly shut it his feeble body.  Whocould ever say more than he does.  And what about the rest of us?  Walking around not saying much. Wasting our gifts.  Hmmm.  Doing it wrong again, am I?  Well how about I change my mind about that?  Change my story to the one where I do all I can just being here – aware and conscious.  Awoke this beautiful morning in sunny-NOT at the moment – Southern California on Planet Earth in a solar system in the Milky Way Galaxy in the Alpha quadrant? Of this here Universe.  Wondering often why I’m here.  To say Thank You

            Micro SD card – do I really need one?  That’s the seemingly urgent question of the day.  And How am Liable to use Whatsapp without a known internet connection.  From data? And what does that have to do with storage capacity.  See I still have things to learn.  And I am still teachable.  And yes this may leave me looking like an idiot in the vast regions of the unknown - which seems, but is really not – unknowable.  We’re only here for a nano-second.  It’s a wonder we can know anything at all.  Look at me, walking around with a powerful computer in my hand.  My droid has capacity unknown when I was born.  It’s all going very fast.  Reality, that is. 

            Heard on “Through the Wormhole” that Darwin must have had it wrong since evolution occurs at a much faster rate than Natural Selection 0 random changes in a species – would ever allow.  So The Universe is way too evolved for the brief time since the Big Bang. 

            And I get to set right here and write about it – writing some questions, perhaps doomed to never having an answer!  Maybe it’s the Quest – the joy of the Quest – that makes any life worth living. 

            What time is it anyway?  I’ll guess 7:10.   at 7:09 am. OK I’m a pretty guesser about time.  Yes I am.  I have this day to do “nothing” really.  So how about I type up these pages- just because it’s for me to do today.  Read it back at bed time.  To take this energy into the dream realm adspend 15 minutes of this day in meditation.  That’s the structure I set just because I have the time.  Oh and yes I’ll call Liliana to prayon this too.  Just because that’s wheat I do.  I have the time and the willingness to do this journey whether it looks goofy or not.  And I’ll have my eggs and mushrooms andcheese with pita too.  Just because. 

And I say thank you.  The only prayer ever needed to go forth in My day.  Thank you Spirit for this here call to be what I can be in this seemingly meaningless existence.  Thank You thank Youthank You.  Wow 3 whole pages.  Almost 94 whole journals.  Enough.  Got a lottery ticket for today’s drawing – calling forth the right numbers to pay off and teach me all kinds of lessons about the realm of too much money.    Thank you!

What you see as stagnation is gestation.  You have to yield up things so the gift that wants to come through you can emerge.  ..Michael Bernard Beckwith

What you see as stagnation is gestation.  You have to yield up things so the gift that wants to come through you can emerge.  ..Michael Bernard Beckwith