March 5, 2015

Oh yes, life speeds by.   Was 2 minutes late because the sunrise seemed 5 minutes early!  Whatever.  I know I was to come here despite the reasons I should go to  Mar Vista – to be on Time, to have more time to write.  But I was called here and so here I am.  Haven’t been here since Feb 19.  3 weeks.  Ah so that’s how the sun zoomed so far north on the horizon.  May be time to go back to 14th & Ashland while the sun rises behind the buildings at 4th & Marine.

                Listening in to my seat-saving friend talking to a Bible thumper at the next table.  This is how we are.  We all have our way of being.  Believing / not believing.  Fearful/ confident. Sometimes this, next ime that.  Seeing gratitude, yes.  For this life, this exploration, this path.  Seems not to amount to much sometimes.  Thinking there’s nothing to amount to really. 

                Received the forwarded letter from Jack Miller, one who has faithfully followed his own path, like Charles.  Teaching US to find our own way with SPIRIT.  That’s all.  That’s a lot.  So their lives amount to much and maybe I can too.  Maybe there is room for my kind too.  I don’t take up much space but is it a waste what I do / what I don’t do?????

                And so I glimpse a beautiful woman in that mirror.  If she is beautiful, if I am beautiful, it is due to / thanks to what others put out there and what I then put out there thanks to them.  Thank You God for showing me A way, not THE Way,  A Way.  

Winners never quit and quitters never win. …Anonymous