Sunrise-NOT over my Prius from the top of the hill on Marine in Santa Monica.

Dreamt I was a writer hired to work on a movie.  I suddenly realize I was given a scene to write, even just a couple of lines and I hadn’t started on it – due tomorrow.  I’m part of a team of 3 – one girl has done this a long time.  We’re writing for Steve Carell.  It’s about baseball.  Feeling incompetent.  Do I write about incompetence?  Noticing I am not the star of this movie.  Don’t need something to say.  Just a line or 2 but I do have to contribute.  Everyone has something to contribute (except “them.”)  Let that go.  They DO.  If  I do, they do.  As I do, they do.  

............Life is not  a matter of holding good cards but playing a poor hand well.  …Robert Lewis Stevenson